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It is very, very rare…

…that I agree with nearly everything an opinion journalist says in a wide-ranging 4,000-word interview. Charles Krauthammer has that sort of wisdom: I strongly encourage you to go read his recent interview with a popular German newspaper. Then comment here if you so desire.

Krauthammer touches briefly on President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I got a lot of flak for posting the following Facebook status when the Prize was announced: “When an African American man became leader of the free world, the dreams and aspirations for millions of kids worldwide changed. They began to think bigger. Though I disagree with the President’s policies – and have little regard for the Nobel Committee – I see no need to heap abuse on today’s news.”

My point may have been good, but in retrospect it was irrelevant to the Nobel Prize. It did get some interesting discussion going, so words well spent. Any thoughts on the Krauthammer interview?