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A review of Prince Caspian

I have had the good fortune to work with some folks at Disney, to help promote the new film Prince Caspian. It was especially cool to attend a special screening of the movie in Colorado Springs on Tuesday, a few days before the theatrical release.

My contact at Disney asked if I could send any thoughts about the movie the next day. Here’s the gist of  my notes, a review from a few different perspectives:

As a moviegoer who loves fantasy and great stories—

** Incredible! The screenplay, directing, and landscapes were much richer and more interesting than the first Narnia film. Prince Caspian is a film I will watch many times.

** Except: It was strange plotting that Peter’s pride was never dealt with. His castle raid led to the deaths of many Narnians, and I was surprised that neither Aslan nor anyone “reprimanded” him for his selfish strategy. Perhaps a scene was cut that would’ve addressed this better?

As a member of Focus on the Family’s Narnia campaign team—

** Many true messages and moments of spiritual insight. A powerful metaphor for where modern culture is, and calling for return to the good that once characterized it.

** Except: The level of violence concerned me. It really pushed the PG rating, in my opinion. I expect Focus may get backlash from some parents, who take their 5, 6 or 7 year-olds and find it too intense (if families read the Plugged In review, they will be warned). I’m not sure my mom will like the film for this reason, though she loved the first Narnia film.

As a fan of C.S. Lewis—

** Wow, Reepicheep was awesome. The characters were accurate to Lewis’ vision, the Narnian creatures richly detailed, and the visuals stunning. It was wonderful to see his story come alive.

** Except: The film is a significant departure from the novel. The story structure, with its added set pieces, gives you a different impression than the novel—like Narnia is a warring culture, which is debatable. Peter and Caspian’s rivalry was interesting, though the Caspian/Susan relationship is something (as Edmund said) I don’t understand.  : j

There you have it. Ultimately, a very fun time at the movies for me, and families with older kids.

Two links to leave you with:

ChristianityToday.com Interview >> Star Ben Barnes says the Telmarine accent he created is inspired by the Spainard Intigo Montoya in The Princess Bride

LookingCloser.org >> Film critic Jeffrey Overstreet is collecting reviews and articles that show how the movie Prince Caspian “botches the meaning” of C.S. Lewis’ novel

Your thoughts on the film?


p.s. the marketer in me forces me to mention… if you want to enjoy a version of Prince Caspian that’s much closer to C.S. Lewis’ novel, check out Radio Theatre’s Prince Caspian audio drama. ok, the commercial’s over.