About this Blog

Today in America, everyone seems to have a loud opinion about everything. I don’t.

I am passionate about a few core principles, but increasingly I realize there’s lots to learn. What if, rather than missing opportunities to hear the wisdom of those around us, there was a forum for learning — a blog trying to listen as well as it speaks? That’s really the point.

Folks say I follow too much media, so there’s another reason this blog exists: to point out stories and insights not getting much play elsewhere. I am trying to stick mainly to posts about Big Ideas — after all, these are serious times! But I also love a good laugh; I can hardly resist passing along funny material from today’s media circus (right-wing, left-wing, Muppets, libertarians, etc.)


To briefly review the four categories that organize this blog…

American Politics


Are there values and bedrock ideas that the majority of Americans can stand on? As a conservative, I do not believe the political left is evil — there is more common ground than you might think. This category looks at current events using these ideas as a lens.

Example: though I feel kinship with the religious right and the TEA party movement (thus, the name of this blog), I am often baffled at the style and tactics these folks use. Even in fierce disagreement we can strive to be civil.


The asterisk (*) directs you to this page, which explains more about this category.


ColoradoSky-medPolitics is just one aspect of your worldview, and worldview is founded on how you see (or don’t see) God. I recognize the Bible as the ultimate source of truth in life — along with how God reveals Himself in relationships, creation, et. al. Here we can discuss theology, Scripture, the church, conscience and other ways God speaks.


Road Goes Ever_2Time continues its steady march, and me with it. Look back, and you see there’s a whole slew of roads you’ve traveled. Here I chronicle moments that have meant something on my journey so far.


In selecting what to say and how to say it, here are the fundamentals I attempt to follow:

  1. Focus on the important instead of the urgent. (One example: our culture over-promotes “New Release” entertainment at the expense of truly worthwhile music/movies/books.)
  2. Emphasize thoughtful analysis over noise.
  3. Rather than fearing “outsiders” or those who are different, look to gain from their perspective (i.e. perhaps listen to NPR as often as conservative talk radio.)
  4. Be willing to admit mistakes, reverse course and change your mind.
  5. Think for yourself and be your own news editor, since no one listens to an echo chamber. (Just because 24-hr. news networks scream that “balloon boy” is important doesn’t mean you have to care.)
  6. Pursue original sources of information and regularly include links in your arguments.
  7. Learn from history: we got here only after last year, last decade and the last millennium.


Your thoughts about all this? Pick at whichever food for thought looks most interesting…

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