About Me

“My friends arranged a going-away party for me, and we were surprised by the number of people who showed up. Not only was the room packed, but everyone present was visibly sorry to see me go.

I was less surprised that so many people found it hard to understand why I wanted to leave a secure, well-paying job to work in Washington for less money and fewer prospects. I couldn’t blame them for wondering. I knew I had to leave… but I also knew I was taking a big chance.” – Clarence Thomas, My Grandfather’s Son

That paragraph describes my life exactly. In mid-2009, I left a great marketing position in Colorado Springs for Washington, D.C. First, a little background…

God’s Country

1st day 001

My roots are in Texas. I learned and laughed, worked and worshipped there until college. My ten siblings and I were all home-schooled: a great big family in a great big state. My dad’s a family doctor, my mom a family counselor. Growing up was good.

See the World!

“I know what I’m gonna do tomorrow and the next day and the next year and the year after that. I’m shaking the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and I’m gonna see the world!

Then I’m coming back here and go to college and see what they know…” – James Stewart, It’s a Wonderful Life

I saw some of the world, anyway, in mission trips to Brazil, Mexico, Canada and a few tours across the U.S. In college, marketing was my main interest from day one: helping people refine their message, and spreading the word to as many relevant folks as possible. Those skills came in handy at a Focus on the Family internship. The marketing team took a chance and hired me while I was still in school (it didn’t hurt that I grew up on Adventures in Odyssey.)

I loved Colorado. I worked, lived and played there for five years. Learned a lot, too – at Focus, New Life Church and UCCS where I finally got that degree.

The Big Picture


Like most Americans, I followed the 2008 election zealously. Conservative energy swung wildly from Huckabee to Ron Paul, until somehow Republicans landed on McCain.

In November the political landscape changed drastically. It was not only the perils of one-party control that bothered me, nor the mistaken belief that politicians can make better decisions than everyday Americans. I knew most Americans weren’t seeing the bigger picture… which sent me looking for a better vantage point.

So it is that I land in D.C.: a 20-something with some marketing experience, a few good friends and faith that keeps me in check. Thanks for your time checking out this blog! Feel free to contact me on Facebook or leave a comment.

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Nellie LaBouef

    Hello Joshua; i wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much for your amazing hospitality and friendship while we (Aglow team from Ca. S/W coastal region) You are an exceptional young man with so much of a heart to serve. You encouraged each of us with your story. We will remember you always. Thanks again and may God’s very best be yours always. Sincerely, your eternal friend, Nellie LaBouef

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