President Obama’s Agenda: Two Things I Support

From all indications, President Obama has not been doing a great job endearing himself to conservatives.

Call it reactive, call it partisan, call it whatever (if you’re talking about Cheney’s comments to Politico, you would be correct on both counts – what happened to respecting opponents, Mr. Vice President?)

In the midst of a sea of decisions I disagree with—notably the massive bailout that adds another trillion to our country’s national debt—two recent moves by the Obama Administration give me a small glimmer of hope. Or, at least, convince me to disbelieve the hyperbole on talk radio.

1) Priorities announced for the Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships

As the White House press release clearly states, a primary aim of this revamped office will be to “reduce the need for abortion.”

I understand from a person closer to the situation that this office’s priorities really boil down to a) reducing the number of abortions in America and b) supporting a broad-based fatherhood initiative. All I can say is: Bravo, amazing goals.

Now this may be empty rhetoric compared to the reinstatement of funding for overseas abortions, as the entire pro-life cause has been up in arms about. And rightfully so. I just wanted to point out a positive…

2) In the midst of a press corps on-his-side, a conservative stance still gets a mention.

Now it didn’t take a right-wing sleuth to tell that this scripted press conference wasn’t going to reveal much. “Next question, NBC… uh, NPR… Huffington Post…” Even Fox News wasted their question on something about Biden. Clowns all around.

Worth watching? Sure, everyone likes a good show:

Back to my point… it’s a rare Democrat who—in the midst of such a supportive crowd—would go out of his way to mention a somewhat hot-button issue for liberals: charter schools. Supporting school choice is a conservative position, empowering parents and local school boards to decide how education dollars are spent.

That one offhand remark in the dog-and-pony show (“…we should experiment with things like charter schools that are innovating in the classroom…”) surprised me. And his Education agenda online backs this up.

There you have it, two recent observations. I better keep quiet for awhile, don’t want to spoil the forthcoming analysis of The President’s First 100 Days.

Your thoughts?

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