We have seen the enemy. And he is us, the Republicans.

I find it interesting that Republican leaders seemed to take no time for soul-searching after the election. Instead, they all descended on Georgia to campaign for the suddenly-very-important Saxby Chambliss. He won, big whoop.

Now perhaps this really was a vital race; Club for Growth makes a compelling argument for why a filibuster-proof Democratic Congress would’ve been frightening.

But the way that John McCain and Sarah Palin hit the campaign circuit for Saxby, interest groups were raising money, and good ol’ Governor Huckabee was sending out update e-mails, you’d think that towing the party line never went out of style. And this after a massive 8.5-million-votes-difference showed how poorly Republicans did on Nov. 4.

I certainly contributed to the GOP presidential effort: writing blogs, donating funds, and making calls for Republican offices in two states (gotta blog on those experiences at some point.) Though when pressed on certain vital issues like economic policy, all I could say was “lesser of two evils.”

And I’m tired of that.

John McCain lost because thousands of conservatives, like author Rod Dreher, simply stayed home.

John McCain lost because he was more of a crony than a maverick.

John McCain lost because he listened more to Sean Hannity than Peggy Noonan, a conservative pundit who today seems almost upbeat about President-elect Obama. (Man, she had such good advice throughout the years-long campaign… Republicans ignored it all.)

John McCain lost because America rejected fear-mongering.

John McCain lost because so many believe President-elect Obama will reinvigorate the country (even some very smart people).

Which candidate was the lesser of two evils? We’ll never know, only one gets the chance to lead. But I for one am proud that America made a decisive stand against the lingering issue of racism. It’s also encouraging that so many citizens exercised their right to vote.

And I’m up for giving President-elect Obama 100 days in office to show us how he’ll lead… provided nothing insane like the Freedom of Choice Act is proposed during that time frame.

Where do conservatives go from here? First and foremost: Christmas and the new year.   : j

Any thoughts while mine are still brewing?

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