What NOT to believe about Senator Obama

Some questions brought up in recent e-mail forwards…

Will sharia (Islamic law) be instituted under a President Obama?

Is he the antichrist?

What about the gay lovers in his past? (a conspiracy theorist actually said this to me)

Isn’t he really a Muslim?

Will Bill Ayers become Secretary of Education?

Won’t all faith-based adoption agencies close under a President Obama?

To answer all these in one swoop: no. These are entirely UNTRUE claims made by people who want you to vote out of fear. Do 5 minutes of research to disprove any such questions.

As John McCain says, “No Ma’am, he’s not an Arab. He’s a decent family man and citizen whom I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues.”

Make no mistake, there will be consequences to an Obama administration. The results will stem from his policies. Many effects will be long-term, even if the liberal supermajority rule ends in 2010.

But far-right folks are only hurting credibility by spreading outlandish claims.

In so many words: I have a real problem with fear-mongering on the Right. It’s unbiblical (speaking to Christians there) and ultimately not even a useful argument in today’s political debate. It’s just ridiculous, and all Christian conservatives are ridiculous by association.

I also have a problem with dishonesty on the Left. For instance, a recent post by a leader of the Christian Left purports to apologize for the exaggerations and spin of the Obama campaign.

It should be noted that this blog post contains twice as many examples of Republican spin as Democrat spin – and then gives two pro-Obama links.

I agree with the overall sentiments expressed, and I am complaining here that Republicans (in general) have been less than honest and honorable. But following in the example presented, I have an American right to express some thoughts on the election.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You see, there is a crowd desperately wanting to have their day. They believe that government has the answers. That enough meddling and initiatives and (most of all) money will change the course of our nation. They are called liberals.

Every decade or so, America apparently needs to learn that the bigger the government, the more messed up it is. This was learned under President Lyndon B. Johnson, under President Jimmy Carter, and for some of President Clinton’s term (a Republican Congress blocked many of his proposals.)

If McCain/Palin are elected on November 4, I would hope and expect that administration only to minimize federal government, provide for our nation’s security, and move towards long-term solutions in areas of public need (energy, for instance). I will not likely get my wish, because McCain has not shown himself to be a fiscal conservative. But it’s a hope.

Then churches, families, marriages, NGOs (funny how the really effective ones are all faith-based: American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Compassion, World Vision…), schools, businesses, and local leaders can get to work on a million small changes needed in a million small communities.

If these institutions are given a little more hands-off from government red-tape, and perhaps some incentives in the right direction (for instance: don’t reinstate the Marriage Tax, Senator Obama), then our future will be decided in those small spaces as each person takes personal responsibility. Not by any politician.

Change is local. There’s a “Change You Can Believe In,” so to speak.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ultimately, God is still on His throne. He’s not voting Democrat or Republican. And He laughs as men call this “the most important election ever.”

The election that changes lives and resonates forever throughout human history is the election of grace Jesus Christ chose for His followers 2,000 years ago.

We’ll only know a truly perfect society in Heaven, and God paid the price to secure that for each of His children. No matter who wins the puny 2008 election, that fact doesn’t change

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Your thoughts? I’d like to note that I am somewhat uncomfortable mixing politics and religion without a degree in either, so your biblically based correction to these thoughts is certainly welcome.


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