My Vote Counts: A Look at Colorado Springs local issues

So hopefully all you locals out there are registered for the Tuesday, November 7 Election.  If you’re not, it’s actually too late.

At any rate, here are my picks on the issues. I haven’t looked much at the candidates yet… though I am a registered Republican, so that says something.

An excellent way to understand the issues is Colorado’s 2006 Blue Book at

Most of these issues are amendments to the Colorado State Constitution:

Amendment 38: Petitions
We don’t want to make it any easier for people to put issues on this ballot.

Amendment 39: School District Spending Requirements
This version of the “65% School Spending” concept is too tight… doesn’t make room for expenses like food prep, principals and other neccesities.

Amendment 40: Term Limits for Judges
I hate activist judges, but I don’t want the legislative branch to get the chance to switch judges every 4 years. Doesn’t seem like the checks-and-balances system our founders envisioned.

Amendment 41: Standards in Conduct in Govt.
These ethics requirements are already covered in existing law.

Amendment 42: Colorado Minimum Wage
No need to burden CO Springs businesses… and potentially lose jobs for low-income wage-earners.

Amendment 43: Marriage
One man, one woman is the definition of marriage… glad we can put that in law.

Amendment 44: Marijuana Possession
Heavens, NO

Ref. E: Property Tax Reduction for Disabled Veterans
Any break for one group means more taxes for the rest of us…our tax code is already long enough without adding more provisions. I love Army though.

Ref. F: Recall Deadlines

Ref. G: Obsolete Constitutional Provisions
Nice effort to clean up the Colorado Constitution a bit, eliminate old dates etc.

Ref. H: Limiting a State Business Income Tax Deduction

Ref. I: Domestic Partnerships

Ref. J: School District Spending Requirements
This version of the “schools must spend 65% of their $ on essentials” includes food prep, principal salary, and other items not included in Am #39. Great idea, holding school accountable.

Ref. K: Immigration Lawsuit against Federal Govt
This is a joke. See what the Blue Book says about it–no need for taxpayer $ to go to this. Though I’m all for them solving immigration at the federal level.


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